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Welcome to Apple Jacks Gifts

where celebrating little moments is a big deal

Apple Jacks Gifts is ready to create unique products to help you make a big deal out of all your little moments! See the gallery below for ideas, or start shopping now!

a gallery of little moments


About Apple Jacks Gifts

Having a stroke at the age of 37 made me realize I was taking life's little moments for granted. That realization is the passion behind Apple Jacks Gifts. I now try to make a big deal out of all the little moments, and I want to help you do the same. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a baby or mourning the loss of a loved one, I would appreciate the opportunity to design a custom product for all of the moments that matter to you. Above all, I want to Glorify the God who gives me a reason to celebrate even on my hardest days.   

Sweet comments from my amazing customers

"IF there is anyone out there needing that one of a kind gift, apple jacks can hook you up!"

"These are great gifts...from friendly Christian people! Prices and Products are great!"

"We loved our bride and groom gifts and Couldn't wait to use them on our honeymoon."

"Thank you for making the adorable invitations and baggies for a baby shower i was hosting."

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