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Bright & Shiny or Bumpy & Bruised

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

To find a bright and shiny red apple on my desk was one of the many simple joys of my career as a teacher; but what about when I found a bumpy and bruised apple on my desk instead? Maybe only a former teacher could say this, but that apple was just as beautiful as the shiny one. You see, these apples of various colors and conditions represented so much more than just a sweet piece of fruit. They represented the hearts of the children who gave them to me. And just like the variety of apples the children gave, so was their color, size, shape, socioeconomic background, family structure. Yet the meaning behind the gift of those apples was always the same. They were given from a heart of love.

Starting this online store is a huge step for me. I had to take early retirement from teaching because of health issues. Since then, I have had the pleasure of babysitting on a part-time basis. Unfortunately, there are days when doing so is too challenging. On those days, I have found myself feeling like a quitter or a failure; but every seed has to reach through dirt to find the light. What sprouted from my seed as it found the light and love of Jesus was the idea to make gifts and take pictures to help people celebrate their uniqueness. Just like each unique apple I received as a teacher, the items you order from my store come from a heart of love. So the name of the store combines a symbol of simple joy and a gift of love with a nickname I have been affectionately given through the years. Welcome to Apple Jacks Photography & Gifts!

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